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Huber Heights City Schools

Office of the Treasurer

Message From Ms. Helmick 

To the Huber Heights School Community

I want to thank you for visiting our website. We have developed and structured this section of our site to convey pertinent financial information regarding the Huber Heights City School District.

I will strive to ensure the information contained herein is not only current, but provides you with your desired level of detail concerning the financial functions of the District. 
As always, we want to ensure prudent fiscal stewardship and accountability. We are hopeful that this site is helpful in communicating our efforts.

Please feel free to contact my office with any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions you have concerning this site.

Gina Helmick, CPA


Treasurer's Responsibilities

The treasurer reports directly to the board of education. The treasurer serves as the secretary to the board of education and is responsible for all records produced by and received by her office. The treasurer is the chief fiscal officer of the board of education, the chief accountant, chief payroll officer, chief auditor and investment officer. The treasurer also serves as the quasi-legal advisor to the board on matters falling under her jurisdiction. The treasurer files monthly reports with the board of education on all fiscal matters.


Monthly Financial Reports
HHCS Monthly Cash Reports


Monthly Cash Reports can now be found within our Board Agenda, Board Docs, software

Yearly Audited Financial Statements

Financial Statement for the Fiscal Year June 30, 2017

Five Year Forecast 

By law, the Board of Education must approve the District's five year forecast every October. Subsequently, an amended forecast must be approved in May of that same fiscal year.

Five Year Forecast - October 2015

Five Year Forecast - May 2016

Five Year Forecast - October 2016

Five Year Forecast - May 2017

Five Year Forecast - October 2017

Five-Year Forecast - May 2018

Important Information Regarding your Property Value

By statue the Montgomery County Auditor must appraise and value all real property located in the County.  This process includes an appraisal of all property in the County every six years, called the sexennial appraisal and an adjustment in the third year between reappraisals called the triennial update. 

In 2017, Montgomery County will be going through its triennial update.  The triennial update is an update to property values based on sales that have occurred in the prior three years.  Property values are adjusted upwards or downwards based on a percentage for each marketing neighborhood. 

As a homeowner this could mean that your property value may go up for the 2017 tax year based on sales in your area.  While your property value may go up, it is important to remember this may not cause your tax bill to go up.  Why?  Because a state law is in place that prevents an increase in collection of taxes beyond what they were originally voted in at.  In short this means that the State adjusts effective voted tax rates up or down based on values.  In general, if values increase, rates are adjusted down to ensure the original amount of revenue is collected.

Updates to values will be for the 2017 tax year payable in 2018.

Where your Property Tax Dollars Go

Ever wonder how your property taxes are distributed?  Some think all the money goes to the schools.  A little over 60% goes to the schools, the remaining 40% is distributed across other entities.  See below for the distribution of a $1,000 worth of property taxes. (2016/17 Tax Rates)

Huber Heights City Schools     
Breaking down your tax dollar            
      Tax Rate Dollars Percentage      
Montgomery County 18.05114 $210.80 21.08%      
Huber Heights City Schools 52.94516 $618.30 61.83%      
City of Huber Heights 4.764765 $55.64 5.56%      
Miami Valley CTC   2.358595 $27.54 2.75%      
Dayton Metro Library 3.31 $38.65 3.87%      
Sinclair Community College 4.2 $49.05 4.90%      
Total     85.62966 $1,000 100.00%      
breaking down your tax dollars graphic
Source:  State of Ohio DTE15, Taxing District 00613, Tax Year 2016      

Financial Advisory Committee

One of the initiatives of the District's Strategic Plan is maintaining "Financial Health".  The District believes that establishing a Financial Advisory Committee consisting of community members, District stakeholders, District Board and District administrative staff will assist in this inititative.  The goal and tasks before this Financial Advisory Committee include reviewing annual projections, reviewing financial documents related to the District's fiscal health, sharing of best practices to achieve financial goals, and improve community outreach as it relates to financial information.

Our current committe has been seated and consists of 6 community members, one Board of Education representative and two District administrative representatives.  Each community member has agreed to commit two years of service on this committee. 

     Committee Members 

Gina M. Helmick, CPA

Katie Arnett, CPA

Mark Combs

Anita S. Brock

Sheri Combs

Ronnie Redd

      Committe Meeting Agendas and Minutes:

      October 16, 2016 Meeting



      January 17, 2017



      May 16, 2017



      October 17, 2017



       June 11, 2018












About Our Department


Main Phone: (937) 237-6300

  Gina Helmick: ext. 80112

Assistant Treasurer 
  Katie Arnett: ext. 80114

Administrative Assistant, Student Activities
  Kathy Pasco: ext. 80113

Administrative Assistant, Payroll
Debbie Radaker: ext. 80116

Administrative Assistant, Fringe Benefits
  Wendy Welbaum: ext. 80118

EMIS Coordinator

   Michelle Bell: ext. 80106


Employee Forms/Information

City Income Tax Form and/or Change of Address

Delta Dental 

Direct Deposit

Federal Withholding Form (W-4) 

Instructions for Enrollment and Coverage Changes

Ohio Tax Withholding Form (IT-4) 

Payroll Email Notification

United Health Care Claim Information - 1-800-844-4864

Other Resources

Auditor of State of Ohio

Montgomery County Real Estate Tax Information

State Teachers Retirement System (1.888.227.7877)

School Employees Retirement System (1.866.280.7377)

State Legislator Contact Information

Senator Peggy Lehner                  
1 Capital Square, Ground Floor   
Columbus, Ohio 43215                 
(614) 466-4538                                
Email:  PLehner@Ohiosenate.gov       

Representative Michel Henne
77 S. High Street
13th Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215
(614) 644-8051

Email: Michael.Henne@Ohiohouse.gov