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Studebaker Preschool

Program Highlights

Our program uses The Creative Curriculum ® for Preschool, a comprehensive, research-based curriculum, which features exploration and discovery as a way of learning, enabling children to develop confidence, creativity, and lifelong critical-thinking skills. We’ve chosen this curriculum because it focuses on the skills and knowledge that are most important for helping your child to be successful in school. Throughout the year, we will plan learning experiences that are just right for your child, so that he or she can make progress at his or her own pace.

So, how does The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool support your child’s learning? It’s based on 38 objectives for development and learning that focus on all the areas that are most important for school success: social-emotional, cognitive, math, literacy, physical, language, social studies, science and technology, and the arts. These objectives are built into every activity that happens in the classroom. So all day long, the teacher is helping your child build skills and knowledge in these important areas.

In The Creative Curriculum ® for Preschool, learning happens through studies. Studies, which span several weeks, are in-depth, project-based investigations of topics that are part of your child’s everyday life. They feature topics like trees, buildings, clothes, and balls. In a study, children raise questions about the topic and find answers by exploring, experimenting, and investigating in a hands-on way—through activities that take place in the classroom and outdoors.

The curriculum also has support, built into every experience, for children who are English-language learners and children who have special needs. This helps to ensure that every child can participate in classroom activities and can be successful.

We’re sure that with the help of The Creative Curriculum ® for Preschool, this is going to be a great year!

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Studebaker’s preschool program offers:

  • Highest-quality free and affordable programs aimed at preparing young children for success in kindergarten and beyond
  • Professional educators with bachelor's or master's degrees in education
  • Ratio of 1:8 (One adult for every 8 children in each preschool classroom)
  • Half-day program
  • Nutritious snacks provided
  • Curriculum that goes beyond academics to develop social-emotional skills, physical well-being and healthy practices
  • Safe play areas designed for fun physical activity, social interactions and development of motor skill
  • Hands-on activities to meet each child’s needs and interest
  • Learning stations to support students’ learning
  • Encouragement for families to be involved
  • Community-based activities to support families and children