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Welcome! We are pleased that you have chosen to enroll your student in Huber Heights City Schools. The district is now enrolling all NEW K-12 students using Final FormsHHCS will not accept any paper enrollment forms or registration packets for K-12 students. 

*Military Families: Please check out our Military Family Information page to learn about our military family liaisons.

*Preschool and Kindergarten Families: Additional information specific to enrolling students in these grades can be found at the bottom of this page. 

Please note: You must be the custodial parent/legal guardian to enroll a student.

**For instructions on translating Final Forms to non-English languages, click here.

Ready to register? Set up Final Forms account to complete the online student registration process.

Registration forms must be completed in Final Forms. Final Forms is mobile-friendly and can be used on a mobile device, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. You can save your progress so you do not have to complete the entire process in one sitting. 

If you do not have a computer or internet access, please click HERE to schedule an appointment so you can use one of our kiosks to complete registration. You may also call 937-237-6300 ext. 7 to schedule an appointment.

For instructions on setting up your Final Forms account or completing digital forms, view the Final Forms Parent Playbook. If you require any additional support, scroll to the page bottom and click “Use Support" or call us at 937-237-6300 ext. 7. 

If enrolling a new student in grades K-6, please use our District Street Roster to determine which of our five elementary school buildings your child will attend.


Supporting Documents to Prepare in Advance

A student is not registered with HHCS until all required documentation has been uploaded in the Document Manager in Final Forms. Documents that are required for registration and will be requested in the Final Forms portal include:

  • Required Identification Documents:
    • Child's Birth Certificate or Passport - An image of the original (or certified copy) of the student's birth certificate must be uploaded.
    • Parent/Guardian Driver's License or State Issued ID Card - An image must be uploaded for proof of identity.
    • Student's Immunization Records - Please review the Immunization Requirements and, if necessary, print, complete and upload the Immunization Objection Form.
  • Required Proof of Residency Documents (Only legal residents of the district may enroll. Misrepresentation may result in prosecution.):
    • Home Owner - One of the following must be presented: Mortgage Coupon or Current Mortgage Statement, Electricity (DP&L/AES) or Gas (Vectren) Statement or Signed Purchase Agreement with Occupancy Date. Note: Statements for water and trash DO NOT meet proof of residency documentation requirements.
    • Tenant/Renter - Signed Lease Agreement with Property Owner
    • Residing with Family/Friends - If parent/guardian is residing with student in the home of family or friends, refer to the HHCS Adult Residency Checklist and Affidavit for additional requirements for registration.
  • Special Situations:
    • Custody Decree - (if applicable) Complete, current legal documentation must be presented at the time of registration. Notify registrar of any future revisions.
    • Guardianship - (if applicable) Complete, current legal court documents must be presented at the time of registration.
  • Transfer Students Only:
    • Grade Documentation - Current report card or progress report
    • Special Education Paperwork - (if applicable) The current ETR/MFE and IEP for students with disabilities, or the current Section 504 Accommodation Plan, or Gifted Identification information must be presented at the time of registration, if applicable. An official request will be made to the previous school for these documents as appropriate; however, having the documents upfront facilitates a smoother transition.


Additional Information for Studebaker Preschool

  • Studebaker Preschool uses an application and wait list process for attendance. Only those students accepted for attendance who have been given a personalized QR code should complete Final Forms! If you did not receive a personalized email and QR code from our Preschool Registrar, your student is not guaranteed attendance. 


Additional Information for Kindergarteners

  • Students need to be five years old on or before August 1 of the current school year to enroll in kindergarten.
  • The first day of school for our 2022-2023 Kindergarten class will be August 25, 2022.
  • Kindergarteners at HHCS attend school all day Monday through Friday.
  • Prior to starting, Kindergarten students need to be screened. Screening will take place at the building your student will be attending and will last about two hours. Kindergarten screening appointments are scheduled using our online appointment scheduler. A link to the appointment scheduler will be sent to parents/guardians by email once the student's Final Forms are complete.
  • For a document about helping prepare your kindergartener for screening, click here.
  • All kindergarteners registered by August 1 get a FREE welcome gift (pictured below). Welcome gifts can be picked up at Studebaker Central Office, Monday-Friday, 8 am to 3 pm.

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