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Huber Heights City Schools

Health Screenings

School health screenings are required of all students new to the system at the pre-school, kindergarten, or first grade level. The screenings shall include the areas of vision, hearing, speech, and communication, and they shall include all medical problems and any developmental disorders. Children who do not have the results of such screenings provided prior to their entrance into school must do so by November 1 of the year of enrollment, or they may be excluded from school until the results are submitted.

Parents who refuse to have their children screened must sign a waiver and submit it.


Vision Screening

Yearly vision screenings are performed on students in selected grades (Pre-K, K, 1,3,5,7, and 9), or through the request of teachers or parents. Mass screenings are completed by Clinic Assistants or the Health Services Supervisor.

Staff will be notified of dates for testing by the Clinic/Office Assistant.



  1. For grades K,1, the Good-Lite Symbol Chart screening tool will be utilized.
  2. For grades 3,5,7 and specials, the Insta-Line Letter Chart screening tool will be utilized.
  3. Students will be required to cover left eye first and then right eye while naming the letter/symbol.
  4. Results are recorded as a fraction (20/20) with the top number representing visual acuity in the right eye and the bottom number, visual acuity in the left eye. 
  5. All Kindergarten students will be tested for muscle balance at near and far distances. This test will usually occur in January. Referrals will be made with positive results.
  6. All first grade boys will be tested for color blindness during the month of January. Referrals do not have to be made as there is no treatment for this condition, but a Color Blindness Screening Notification form must be sent home.



  1. Results in any combination over 30/30 (i.e., 30/40, 40/20, etc.) will be recorded on Vision Follow-up Record, and the student is re-tested at a later date (re-screened after approximately two weeks).
  2. After second failure, Clinic/Office Assistant will send results, Vision Referral Letter, and Eye Specialist Report Form to parents/guardians. Documentation will be made on green health folder.
  3. When referrals are returned, notify appropriate staff of results and treatment. Place in green health folder.



  1. Vision Follow-up letter will be sent approximately three months after the initial referral letter has been sent. All follow-up contacts must be documented in the green health folder.


Hearing Screening

Yearly hearing screenings are conducted on students in selected grades (Pre-K, K, 1,3,5,7, and 9 through teacher or parent request. Mass screenings are completed by the Clinic/Office Assistants and Health Services Supervisor.

Clinic/Office Assistants will determine with Principal, the appropriate day for scheduling hearing evaluations.



  1. All screening is provided using the ANSI standards. The Pure-Tone testing method per calibrated audiometer is required. 
  2. Frequencies tested are 1000, 2000, and 4000Hz at 20dB.
  3. Ear pieces are color-coded to represent red over right ear, blue over left ear. Snug fit is preferred, remove any barriers (i.e., head bands, glasses, hair).
  4. Testing begins at 1000Hz 20dB, increasing to 4000 Hz in right ear, then change to left ear and begin same testing. Student may raise hand, nod in the affirmative, and give any positive response to the tone emitted from the ear piece.
  5. Results are recorded by which ear, frequency, and volume that was not responded to.



  1. Clinic/Office Assistant will record failures on Hearing Screening Test blank forms with results.
  2. Re-screening will be conducted by the Hearing & Speech Center, with date to be determined by Health Services Supervisor.
  3. Results of the re-screen for failures will be sent to parent/legal guardian and will include:
    • original hearing screening report from Hearing & Speech Center (copy to student’s green health folder)
    • hearing referral form
    • hearing report form
  4. Documentation will be made on the student’s green health folder.



  1. Hearing Follow-up will be sent approximately three months after the referral letter has been sent. All follow-up contacts must be documented in student’s green health folder.