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Huber Heights City Schools
2020 District Science Fair
Salah Petersen - Creating the moistest cupcake Ziya Patel - What form of medicine dissolves the fastest? Rylee Baker - Appley ever after Gabby Kaylor - What spot in your house collects the most germs? Savanah Moore - Stains be gone! Rylee Goins - Gum land: longest lasting flavor Aidan Petroski - Sunsational protection Catherine Zbinden - The birthday paradox Shawn Webb - Viscosity and non-Newtonian fluids Dariah Howard - Bath bomb booms Caleb Shuherk - A-maze-ing race Tiffany Pham - Which beverage stains teeth most? Mariah Phillips - Does the BPM affect your WPM? Jocelyn Garcia - Does expensive water have a better pH level? Katelynn Knedler - How will a gummy bear change in different liquids? Nolan Fox - Which paper airplane design will fly the furthest? Hailey Johnson - How does slime work? Taylor Stringfield - How to stop apple oxidation Gavin Eifort - Cookies on milk? Evelyn Gumm - What shutter speed is needed to photograph a moving fan? Alexia Mougey - What size nerf gun shoots the farthest? Shane Storaci - What's growing on? Mallory Belisle - Growing gummy bears Kayleigh Dahlstrom and Kylie Lloyd - Beethoven's favorite fruit is ba-na-na-naaass Brooklynn McClure - Will collier affect taste DJ Young - Cool mints Hudson Couper - How plants react to different music Sema Hamdan - Does bleach remove soda stains? Hannah Boblitt - Maze of music Gulahanim Sarvarov - Which type of plant would die faster in the dark? Melayna Papalios - Rethink your drink Donnae Grant - Paper towel vs paper towel Laila Lambert - Glowing fireworks! Mia Fowler - Which brand pops the most Sevinch Umiyeva - Girls vs boys memory William Belisle - Paper air planes Reagen Gregor - Who's stronger? Payton McIntosh - How dirty are shop carts? Lincoln McClintock and Jonathan Ryan - Which freezes faster: warm water or cold water? Gabriel Clyne - Which reaction is bigger? Kaydence Weaver - Cool as ice Reagan Ames - Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, do you know where the most germs grow? Kyle Sanger - The big dilemma Addison Salmon - Which potato chips has the most grease? Sarah-Ann Teague - Now you see it, now you don't Zoey Lee - What stain is the strongest? James Zbinden - Using laser beams to measure sugar content in clear liquids Arabella Humphrey - How is your body composition affected by physical activity? Owen Tarjanyi - Sugar rockets Geneva Price - What is the affect of various liquids on an apple oxidation? Peyton Williams - Which will stain your teeth more? Taylor Ryan - Retaining water Rabia Dzhafarova - Vitamin D3 on plant growth Brooklyn Berkshire - Brooklyn's wind farm Charles Huber Elementary science fair participants Monticello Elementary science fair participants Rushmore Elementary science fair participants Valley Forge Elementary science fair participants Wright Brothers Elementary science fair participants Weisenborn Junior High science fair participants Wayne High School science fair participants