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Huber Heights City Schools
2018 District Science Fair
Amerie Matthews and her project 'Affects of Temperature and Variables on Crystals' Billy Belisle and his project 'Citrus Fruit Power' Brody Frantz and his project 'When Can You Get the Best Header in Soccer?' Camryn McElroy and her project 'The Big Brain Experi-mint' Chase Morris and his project 'Does Texture Affect Grip?' Emma Mainord and her project  'Acne Attack' Garrett Gray and his project 'Which Liquid Evaporates the Most?' Gavin Cox and his project 'Conquer the Cube' James Comstock and his project 'The Lucky Lincoln' James Zbinden and his project 'Maximizing the Distance of Projectiles Propelled by Magnets' John Rogers and his project 'The Chemical Reaction in Bath Bombs' Kora Ball and her project 'DIY Bottle Rockets' Kyle Showers and his project 'What Liquids Best Clean Pennies?' Logan Cooley-Apel and his project 'Liquid Sand' Mitchell Logan and his project 'Loft vs. Distance' Tiara Jackson and her project 'Are Finger Print Patterns Inherited?' Zach Zufall and his project 'Potato Battery' Zarina Akhmedova and her project 'Eye Color Affecting Peripheral Vision' Charles Huber Elementary students who earned a 'superior' rating at the HHCS District Science Fair Weisenborn Junior High students who earned a 'superior' rating at the HHCS District Science Fair