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Unique Exhibits at Charles Huber Science Fair

Posted On: Wednesday, January 24, 2018

January 25th, 2018 – The top 12 projects from the Charles Huber Science Fair are headed to the Huber Heights City Schools (HHCS) District Science Fair. The competition saw 75 students exhibit their newfound science expertise.


Charles Huber Science Fair judges

Nine judges graded students on four areas: knowledge achieved, effective use of scientific method, clarity of expression, and originality and creativity. Students were evaluated on the display of their project board, the quality of their report, and the quality of a student’s oral presentation of their project. Projects were placed either in “good,” “excellent,” or “superior” categories.


Projects ranged from a variety of topics including the types of cookie sheets that will make cookies burn, to the correlation between taste and smell, to just about anything else in between.


The judges were impressed with the students’ display of scientific knowledge. “The kids did an amazing job; they were very creative and original with their ideas. Every year that I do this, they’re getting better and better,” offered judge Nicholas Lambert, who also serves as a patrol officer in Huber Heights. Gina Helmick, HHCS Treasurer and science fair judge, had high praise for the projects too. “It’s great to see all the knowledge the kids are gaining with hands-on science," she said.


The other judges included Susan Gunnell, HHCS Superintendent; Derrick Williams, HHCS Director of Human Resources; Curt Hefner, School Psychologist; Vanisa Turney, HHCS Curriculum Director; Anthony Hixon, a special education teacher at Charles Huber Elementary; and retired teachers David Thomas and Jenny Burchfield. Mrs. Pamela Ginn, a 5th grade teacher at Charles Huber, was the science fair’s coordinator.


The students showcased their projects to the judges early in the day. Later in the afternoon, parents came to see their child’s and the other children’s science projects followed by the awards ceremony.


This competition is part of the final lead up to the Huber Heights District Science Fair, taking place on February 7th. The district science fair also includes about 20 representatives from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and several Huber Heights government officials judging projects.


There are some caveats to how students can progress in science fair competition. Of the 12 highest rated projects moving on from Charles Huber, as well as other building winners throughout HHCS, 4th through 6th graders can participate in the district competition while only 5th and 6th graders can compete in the state science fair.


5th and 6th graders that earn a “superior” rating at the Huber Heights District Science Fair are eligible to move on to the West District Science Day at Central State University on March 17th.


The 12 students advancing to the district Science Fair

The 12 students from Charles Huber moving on to the HHCS District Science Fair are as follows:

Enna Eastman – 6th grade

Jocelyn Garcia – 6th grade

Garrett Gray – 6th grade

Tiara Lynn Jackson – 6th grade

Brody Frantz – 5th grade

Ben Lehman – 5th grade

Monique Njumashua – 5th grade

Jaylee Adams – 4th grade

Henry Mainord – 4th grade

Courtney Payne – 4th grade

Raegan Reilly – 4th grade


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