Nutrition and Health Services Reminders

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Important Announcements from Nutrition and Health Services

From Our Health Services Team

We have recently had to send a number of students home after they arrive at school ill or with illness-related symptoms. Please remember that children with any of the following symptoms must remain at home and cannot be at school: Fever (body temperature over 100 degrees), vomiting, and/or diarrhea. Signs of a fever include a red or flushed face, sweating, body aches, and chills. Furthermore, any child with loss of taste or smell should remain home and their parents should contact their health care provider. 

 Finally, if your student has tested positive for COVID-19 and been told to isolate, they should not be attending school or extracurricular activities until their isolation period has concluded. This includes activities such as Friday night football games, other athletic events, after-school programming, dances, etc. Please follow the return to school date given to you by our district nurses and do not allow your child to return to school or school activities until that date.

From Our Nutrition Services Team

Our Nutrition Services team is currently being challenged by local, state and national supply chain shortages. As a result, our schools will be unable to offer PB & J Uncrustables for the foreseeable future. Instead of the usual three entree choices for students in grades K-8, there will only be a choice of the main entree or a chef salad. Students in grades 9-12 will have the option of the main entree, a deli sub, or chef salad. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work with our vendors and replenish our stock as quickly as possible.


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