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Studebaker Preschool first preschool in nation to earn Purple Star award

Posted On: Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Studebaker Purple StarJanuary 15th, 2020 – Studebaker Preschool is the first preschool in the nation to earn the Purple Star award. The honor recognizes schools that show a major commitment to serving students and families connected to our nation’s armed forces.


Pete LuPiba, commissioner for the Ohio Military Interstate Children’s Compact Commission, presented the award to students and staff during a special ceremony at Studebaker. “Military families often move, and they move more often than others do, because our country calls them from base to base and therefore different schools. So these military families here in Ohio, we try to take care of as best as we can,” he said during the ceremony.


LuPiba also exchanged Ohio command coins with Pam Bitsko-Krach, Studebaker Preschool principal, and Janet Wynn, a school liaison officer for Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, to congratulate them for the honor. “It became over the decades important to the US military armed services, no matter what branch, that if you have immense respect for someone, you exchange coins,” he said on the tradition of exchanging command coins.


“We are very honored to receive this award. I want to thank my teachers, especially Ms. Jennifer Davis, for she's our liaison now for preschool. Kids, thank you and your families. We're looking forward to doing more activities to sponsor our military families and thank you to Mr. Basora for supporting us,” said Bitsko-Krach during the award ceremony.


All buildings in the district have now earned the Purple Star award. A Purple Star school will receive the designation for two years. After two years, the school must reapply. 

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